Shadow's Mods Wikia

Ultimate Worms Project is a story build (previously referred to as a mod), based on Worms Armageddon. It is a mix beetween WA itself, WWP (GBA) and SWP. Worms Armageddon takes the most part of this mod (including display, menu and weapons). Space Wormage Project takes almost the same part, that Worms Armageddon does take. Worms World Party (GBA) takes the shortest part of this mod. It is the first mod of the series, created by Shadow The Worm.

1. Battle Zones:


  1. Forests of Esgenta
  2. Artan Desert
  3. South Pole
  4. Hell Hills
  5. Red Planet Corp Mines
  6. Swamps of Westinhaus
  7. Adem Jungle


  1. East Beach
  2. Medieval Town
  3. Hospital
  4. Gold Mine
  5. Apocalypse
  6. Space Station
  7. Artan Desert (Past)
  8. Gold Mine ||
  9. Clock Valley
  10. Hell Hills (Past)
  11. Pirates' Island


  1. Battle Mountain


  1. The Great Stadium
  2. Cheese Planet
  3. Painter's Hut
  4. DJ Zone
  5. The Urban
  6. Tentacle World
  7. Easter Kingdom
  8. Fruit Land

*Exclusive to the Full Neo Release

2. AI System:

Ultimate Worms Project has an AI System, that's taken from its third component. Like the AI System in its third component, it has a name of the team and a number in square brackets (if this team appears more than on one CPU tevel). This AI System does not apply to bosses and tournament teams.

3. Weapons:

Hot Key | || ||| |V V
Util. Jet Pack Low Gravity Fast Walk Laser Sight Invisiblity (Online only)
F1 Bazooka Homing Missle Mortar Homing Pigeon Sheep Launcher
F2 Grenade Cluster Bomb Banana Bomb Battle Axe Earthquake
F3 Shotgun Handgun Uzi Minigun Longbow
F4 Fire Punch Dragon Ball Kamikaze Sucide Bomber Prod
F5 Dynamite Mine Sheep Super Sheep/Aqua Sheep Mole Bomb
F6 Air Strike Napalm Strike Mail Strike Mine Strike Mole Squadron
F7 Blow Torch Pneumatic Drill Girder Baseball Bat Bridge Kit
F8 Ninja Rope Bungee Parachute Teleport Scales Of Justice
F9 Super Banana Bomb Holy Hand Grenade Flame Thrower Salvation Army MB Bomb
F10 Petrol Bomb Skunk Ming Vase French Sheep Strike Carpet Bomb
F11 Mad Cows Old Woman Concrete Donkey Indian Nuclear Test Armageddon
F12 Skip Go Surrender Worm Select Freeze Patsy's Magic Bullet