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Longbow is a rare weapon, which appears only in Ultimate Worms Project and Worms: Back to The Past. It is usually found in very little supply, but can be collected from crates.

1. Description:

Longbow is a double shot weapon, like the Shotgun, but it is weaker than the said weapon. Despite weak damage and single target hits, this weapon can be very useful in crossing small gaps in the landscape or hitting a single foe into the said gaps. Also, it is useful to attack a single foe up close. This weapon deals 15 damage each shot (2 shots), resulting in 30 damage.

2. Trivia:

  • There is a cheat in Ultimate Worms Project, which turns the Longbow into a Limit Break weapon.
  • The Longbow also returns in Worms: Back to The Past as an Easter Egg.